Queirolo Series


The succession of the letters “q”, “u”, “e”, “i”, “r”, “o”, “l”, and “o”, give shape to dariusq surname.

Eroticism Series


God, whoever he, she or it is, or is not, provided us with lips, hands and sex organs, to kiss, perceive caresses and have sex, in order to procreate as well as to search and reach for orgasm, one of the greatest states of physical and emotional euphoria.

In his Eroticism series, dariusq expresses that feeling through paintings.

It is about being honest and not hypocritical, leaving aside embarrassment.

Most works suggests different situations, giving the spectators the choice to either associate with a personal experience or just imagine the pleasure of that moment.



Hunger, revolution, people's suffering and social injustices are ever-present themes in the mind and soul of dariusq.